House Netball – Round 2

Round 2 of House Netball was held today. Compared to our first week, the standard of the matches have improved significantly, particularly with the influence of the Year 5 players who have been completing their Netball unit.

Read some students’ accounts of their matches.

Dan Dan Nook vs Bengalat

On 14th September, some of the Year 5s and 6s took part in House Netball which took place on the Basketball court outside the hall.

The first teams to play were Bengalat vs Dan Dan Nook.

The game has started and Dan Dan Nook has the ball it has been intercepted by Sonni in Year 5, now Bangalat have the ball, the ball travelled down the court fast into Erin’s hands, she shoots and gets it in … 1-0.

Bengalat start with the ball this time. Bengalat and Dan Dan Nook have been playing for a while now and still no one has gotten a goal since Erin. We have 2 minutes on the clock before half time, but wait Rylan has the ball. He shoots and gets it in! The whistle blows for half time now. It’s 1-1. Who will win?

The second half has begun and 2 minutes into the game and Erin gets another goal. It’s 2-1. We have 8 minutes left will Dan Dan Nook get a goal or not? 2 minutes left and Erin gets a goal again, she’s on fire! It’s 3-1 and the whistle blows to end the match. Bengalat win!

Paityn 6DS

Davis vs McLeod

The game on Thursday 14th of September between Davis and McLeod was a tight game with Davis coming out on top by one goal. It started off with McLeod winning for the most of the first half by one goal until Davis scored close to the end of the half. Then McLeod were winning after the end of the first half 2-1. The second half started off with Davis scoring three goals all scored by Jess. After Jess’ hot streak McLeod scored two goals to make it even. With one minute left Luke G scored a goal from the edge of the yellow half circle. Then Shannon missed an unlucky shot with ten seconds left. The ending scores were 5-4 to Davis. That puts Davis into equal second place overall with McLeod. To make the grand final, Mcleod now have to beat Bengalat, who are currently undefeated. If McLeod lose and Davis beat Dan Dan Nook, Davis will make the grand final. The make up of the grand final all depends on next week’s results and scores.

Luke 6DS

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