Our Values


Drysdale Primary School’s vision is to be fully inclusive in providing the highest quality of education for each one of its students in their academic learning, and the personal development of their skills in LOTE, music, visual arts, performing arts and sport.


We strive to fulfil our school motto “Accept the Challenge” by working hard, being persistent and consistently being the best we can be.


Drysdale Primary School has identified five core values that we want all members of the school community to demonstrate.  We believe this will help us achieve our vision.

  1. We have chosen Resilience to reflect the importance of pushing on when there are challenges on the journey to achieving the highest standards.
  2. We are a fully inclusive school that seeks to offer Acceptance to everyone for who they are and welcome them into our community.
  3. Integrity means doing the right thing and making the right choices in every circumstance.  This degree of honesty is essential in helping our community develop to be the best it can be.
  4. Success is not simply academic nor personal.  It is a combination of everything that goes into making our students ready for life.
  5. Enjoyment helps us make the most of our abilities and reminds us to take pleasure in everything that individual members of the Drysdale Primary School community do.


Mission (2015 to 2017)

Drysdale Primary School’s mission is to educate children in the Drysdale and Clifton Springs communities with a focus on innovative, high quality teaching, children’s personal growth and development of their individual talents.