Excursions are a valuable component of our curriculum

The school staff are committed to their roles with consistent emphasis placed on the goals and targets within the schools strategic plan. A great deal of energy has been devoted to the planning and implementation of comprehensive programs in literacy and numeracy. The children’s progress is monitored regularly and tracked to identify specific needs of individual students. Studies in Science, Civics and Citizenship are complimented by focussed excursions. Staff value the delivery of quality educational programs where concern for the students’ academic and emotional well-being is consistently treated with the highest professional regard. Student Welfare is given a great emphasis at this school, reflecting and giving substance to high levels of student connectedness and providing programs to meet the holistic needs of the students.

The school offers highly successful programs in all domains of the Victorian Essential Learning Standards, which are enriched and expanded by:

  • A clearly planned, comprehensively implemented and regularly assessed Early Years Literacy Program.
  • An inclusive program for students with Disabilities and Impairments.
  • Specialist programs in Performing arts, Visual Arts, Library, LOTE/Indonesian, Physical Education and Sport, and Information and Communication Technology.

The school structure reflects community and staff expectations that value straight classes. This gives strength to team planning and creates a strong focus on classroom management and organisation. Parental participation is an integral part of this process.

The school contributes to its community by offering a Before and After School Hours program for working families. Accredited parents from community church groups provide an approved religious education course.

The School’s style is a dexterous mix of traditional and exploratory approaches and its management is a neat balance of the formal and the informal.