School Council

All government schools in Victoria have a school council, which is a legal entity in tis own right.  School councils operate under the framework of the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and The Education Regulations 2007.

The School Council at Drysdale Primary School meets in the staffroom on the third Tuesday of each month from 7.30pm.

The School Council achieves outcomes through:

  • Meetings and operations
  • Subcommittee and working parties
  • Engaging contractors  is an important part of Drysdale Primary School play a pivotal role in the success of our school and our students.

The current School council members for Drysdale Primary School are:

  • President: Scott Pearson
  • Vice President: Tammy Burke
  • Treasurer: Julie Penfold
  • Executive-Officer: Phil Dunlop-Moore
  • Secretary: Danielle MacDonald
  • Members: Melanie Burton, Joanne Black, Sally Edgerton, Rebecca Hoyne, Sue Harmer, Shane Kennedy, Sandra King, Kate Lockhart


School Council Sub-Committees:

School Council has a range of subcommittees and school councillors join one of the sub committees.  Each sub-committee meets twice a term and reports to School Council making recommendations within their area of responsibility.

  1. Education and Policy – Phil Dunlop-Moore, Rebecca Hoyne, Sue Harmer, Dani MacDonald, Anna Richardson – This sub committee reviews and develops school policies and coordinates a cyclical process of policy review.  This committee consist of both parents and teachers and is responsible for making recommendations and developing proposals related to curriculum in relation to DEECD guidelines.   
  2. Finance – Phil Dunlop-Moore, Julie Penfold, Scott Pearson – This sub committee covers the preparation of an annual budget, monitoring of expenditure, administration of school funds and the review and co-ordination of fundraising activities.
  3. Community – Phil Dunlop-Moore, Kate Lockhart, Tammy Burke, Shane Kennedy, Bre Gage – The representatives for this committee are responsible for reporting on significant events and upcoming opportunities within the school community.  This committee incorporates Kids Matter, wellbeing, Spring Fair coordination and Parents and Friends.
  4. Environment – Phil Dunlop-Moore, Kate Lockhart, Mel Burton, Sandra King, Sally Edgerton – This sub committee is responsible for the maintenance of the grounds and buildings, ensuring they are in a safe and tidy condition, sometimes through working bees.   This sub-committee carries out planning for projects of improvements and works closely with the Finance Committee in monitoring the use of funds in School Council reserves.


2017 Meeting Dates

Term 1

Tuesday 21st February
Tuesday 21st March

Term 2

Tuesday 16th May
Tuesday 20th June

Term 3

Tuesday 15th August
Tuesday 12th September

Term 4

Tuesday 24th October
Tuesday 21st November