Division Sporting Success

Congratulations to our students who represented the Connewarre District in our recent Bellarine Division Finals for winter sports. We were lucky enough to have our Mixed Netball, Girls Soccer, Girls T-Ball and Boys T-Ball all qualify and they all represented the school with distinction.

Our Boys T-Ball team ended up Division Champions and are now off to the Western Metropolitan Region finals on 26 July. Our Girls team finished runners-up and are an emergency team for the next round. This continues a long and storied history of T-Ball at Drysdale Primary School where we regularly achieve lots of success.

In the Netball, our mixed team put in an excellent performance, regularly coming up against much bigger opponents. What they lacked in size, they sure made up for with spirit and determination as they managed to snare a few wins. With a team made up of mostly Year 5s, it looks good for the future.

The Girls Soccer team were invited to compete in the Division finals as they finished runners-up in the District Lightning Premiership. This was also due to the success of last year’s all conquering girls team who won through to the Region finals. It was terrific to see the girls improve even with the step in ability in the opponents as they managed to post a win and drew against the eventual champions.

A huge thank you to all the staff and parents who supported the teams and congratulations again to the students for representing Drysdale PS so well. Good luck to the Boys T-Ball team in the next round of competition.

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