Welcome to Drysdale Primary School

We are proud to have been educating the children of Drysdale and Clifton Springs since 1875.  Our vision is to be a fully inclusive school providing the highest quality of education for each one of its students in their academic learning, their personal development and the development of their individual skills.  The achievement of our vision requires us to know each and every one of our students as individuals.  Our highly skilled staff provide outstanding learning opportunities and support each student’s wellbeing to give them the confidence to make the most of the primary years of education.

Drysdale Primary School is a fully inclusive school promoting the safety of all students including those with a disability as well as the cultural safety of all students particularly those who are vulnerable due to an Indigenous, cultural or linguistic background.  There are many students who receive additional funding for their identified needs.  However, our inclusion program works with so many more of our students including those who are very able so that they leave Drysdale Primary working two to three years above a year 6 standard. We are proud of being able to meet the needs of such a diversity of children.

The school has undergone a significant physical transformation in the last few years with a new Prep building specifically designed to meet the needs of children starting out in school.  Further building work has upgraded the teaching spaces for children in Years 3 to 6.  With the Year 1 and 2 children working in a building just over 10 years old, all the school’s children learn in bright, airy and modern spaces.  Our School Council has approved a Landscape Master Plan that will bring the external spaces up to similar standards over the next few years.

All primary schools are a central part of a community.  We enjoy a wonderful relationship with the Drysdale and Clifton Springs communities, our parents and local community groups such as the RSL and aged care sector.  This connection gives our children a sense of belonging and identity that enables them to develop as confident young people. We love to share the work we are doing.