Drysdale Primary School is a registered eSmart school and is well on the way to receiving full eSmart accreditation.

Many of the initiatives we have introduced have been designed to help our students feel safe, both in school and online.

Cybersafety is a very important element in our Years 4-6 curriculum and is taught each year as part of the Netbook Induction Program.

For more information on the eSmart program, visit

DPS eSmart Initiatives


Parent Photographs

We love celebrating the many successes of our school community and parents rightly love taking photographs of their children receiving awards and doing brilliant things. Many of these photos are then shared through social media sites.

At Drysdale PS, we ask that parents co-operate by ensuring that they only take photos of their own children and only share photos on the internet and social media sites of their own children.

The issue is that many parents have not given the school permission to put photographs on the internet. We take these requests very seriously. However, this permission only extends to photographs taken by school staff, placed on the school website and used in school organised media occasions. For photographs taken on school property or at school events by parents and placed on their social media sites, in common with all schools, we are reliant on the goodwill and understanding of other parents that children who appear in the background of these photos or as part of a larger group may not have their parents’ permission for their photograph to be shared. Even when children are not named in the original post, they can subsequently be tagged in the photo or their photo can be copied and reposted on a different site.

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