Slime Spectacular!

We are very excited to announce that on Wednesday 31 March, we are hosting a Slime Spectacular!

The Slime Spectacular will be quite similar to the Colour Run of 2018, although instead of getting covered in coloured powder, this year we will be getting covered in coloured slime!

The Slime Spectacular will be one of our major fundraisers for the year and all money raised will go towards the construction of an outdoor stage, to be installed in the Quiet Area, outside the Music Room.

We have set a fundraising target of $10,000 to get this much-needed project up and running.

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When is the Slime Spectacular?

We will be hosting our Slime Spectacular on the school oval on Wednesday 31 March from 1:00 – 3:00pm.

Make sure students bring a WHITE shirt to wear during the Fun Run. They will be covered in vibrant, non-toxic slime from head to toe!

Students who do not wish to be slimed are invited to wear a black or navy shirt and can still participate in the running.

Can Parents attend?

Parents and families will also be welcome to come along and watch the fun (in a socially-distanced manner).

Parents can also get involved in the action by volunteering on a Slime Station. Spots are limited so be sure to grab yours before they all fill up!

Is the slime safe?

Designed for contact with skin, the water-based slime is very safe and non-irritating for skin and eyes. If you would like to view the Safety Data Material Sheet, please contact the school office.

How does my child fundraise?

Raising money for our Outdoor Stage is easy – simply follow the instructions outlined in your child’s sponsorship booklet which will be coming home tomorrow. Your child can accept donations online by creating a cybersafe fundraising profile at Note – this is the same platform we used for the Colour Run so there are many students who already have a profile set up.

How do I order my child’s incentive prizes?

You can order your child’s prizes online at between 24th and 31st March. Choose to order one prize based on the total amount of dollars raised, or mix and match smaller prizes.

Slime a Teacher/Parent/Principal

Positions along the course to slime either the Teacher/Parent Volunteer Run or the Principals’ Run will be available for sale from next week. These will cost $10 and will allow the holder to a position on one of the obstacles for one of the runs.

Tickets will be available at the front office, and the House Captains will also head around the classes to sell them. These will commence next week.

Guess the Easter Eggs

The Junior School Council is also running a Guess the Easter Egg competition. Guesses will be 50c each and the winner or closest to the winner will receive the entire jar! The JSC will come around to classrooms to sell these guesses next week. They will also have a stall on the day to sell the remaining spots.

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