Year 1 Parent Information

Welcome to Year 1!

  • All 3 Year 1 teachers work very closely together.
  • All curriculum content is planned together and we team teach regularly.
  • All staff get to know all Year 1 children and support their learning.
  • Children’s management of the Prep – Year 1 transition overwhelmingly positive.
  • Some children will be tired and emotional at home – this is normal!
  • Keeping a regular and consistent routine helps.


We strongly encourage the children to develop independence.

In the morning, children are expected to independently:

  • Carry school bag into the building
  • Change take home book.
  • Put yellow folder on table.
  • Leave diary open on yellow folder.
  • Then go outside to play.

Late arrivals and early departures MUST go via the office BEFORE the children are brought into or removed from class.

Home – School Communication

  • Student diaries are the main form of home-school communication.
  • Teachers check and sign student diaries every day.
  • If you have any concerns, it is essential that you make an appointment with your child’s teacher to address these.
  • Urgent issues can be communicated to any of the teachers with absolute confidentiality.


Every day at school is important and we strongly encourage maximum attendance. However, if your child is ill they are far better off at home. call the office and write a note in the back of the diary to advise of absences.

Home Reading

  • EASY books to reinforce learning and promote confidence (we do the hard work at school!).
  • Many BRAND NEW books (mostly non-fiction) fantastic for building general knowledge and vocabulary.
  • Books to be recorded in diaries and signed by parents.
  • Reading with your child every day makes a huge difference to the development of his/her reading.

Parent Helpers

If you are interested in becoming a parent helper, there will be a ‘parent helper training session’ held later in the term (tbc). In order to be a helper you will need to attend this training session and obtain a working with children check. For those who miss this session there will be another held later in the year.

Drysdale Primary School Behaviour Management Policy
Core Expectations

  1. Communication: to listen and respond with respect and kindness.
  2. Movement: to move and play safely within all areas of the school.
  3. Respect: to treat others with kindness and property with respect.
  4. Learning: to be responsible for your own learning and respect the rights of others to learn to the best of their ability.
  5. Problem Solving: to deal with problems sensibly and fairly and if required to seek adult help.

Most issues which arise will be dealt with using the principles of restorative practice which will enable the children involved to reach a negotiated solution to fix the problem.

Golden Time

The last lesson of the week on Friday afternoon is designated as Golden Time. This is a time when the children can take part in a range of child selected activities as a reward for meeting the school’s expectations in class during the week.

Awards and Certificates

Each week each year level will make two Student of the Week Awards to children deserving of recognition over the previous five school days. These certificates will be presented in the phase assemblies.

Each week one child from each year level will receive a Principal’s Award at the whole school assembly.

Social Stuff

Children at this age are still learning to play. We use restorative practices to work through playground and friendship issues. A few negative incidents do not mean bullying.

Bullying is defined by the Victorian Department of Education as “…repeated verbal, physical, social or psychological aggressive behaviour by a person or group directed towards a less powerful person or group that is intended to cause harm, distress or fear.”

‘Bravehearts’ program – this is taught as part of the personal and interpersonal learning curriculum. It reinforces what is taught in Kinders and empowers children to trust and listen to their own feelings and instincts.



The doors to our building will open at 8.50am for the children to come inside and complete their morning tasks.
To continue building on your child’s independence and to assist with alleviating the congestion in the BER, please allow your child to come in to the building independently to complete their jobs.

If you are running late, the bell is ringing and they have not completed all jobs they will be given time to do so once the day begins.

Parents really only need to come in with their child if they need to make an appointment time with their child’s teacher.

Phase Assemblies

In years 1 and 2, these are for students only.

Student Safety

Staff carparks are for staff only and it is crucial that these areas are not ‘through zones’.

Show and Tell

In Year 1 we are moving away from the traditional ‘show and tell’ and towards more explicit teaching of speaking and listening which will involve more formal presentations but far less often.

Toys and Jewellery

Please keep toys and special things at home.
Earrings – studs are preferred for safety.
Necklaces, bracelets and rings are not permitted for safety.
No nail polish – clear polish is fine.


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