Millennium Kids

 A group of ten enthusiastic Grade 5 students were selected to represent Drysdale PS at the Millennium Kids “Doing Less with More” Workshop held in Geelong.

The Drysdale PS Millennium Kids

The Millennium Kids is a not for profit organisation established in 1996 to help give youth a voice on issues that affect their environment and their world. The “Doing Less with More” workshop is a leadership program for young people inspired to think creatively about waste management.

The students were encouraged to think of what they liked and disliked about their local environment and then come up with ideas that would help improve it.

Some of our ideas included:

We like that Drysdale works together and we have a Bokashi bin. It means we can recycle food scraps like apple cores and banana skins etc.

We think you should have to pay to go to the tip.

Our school would like to set up a plastic recycling bin.

Other schools should recycle as well.

We don’t like how our rubbish ends up in the Drysdale Dell because it could kill sea animals.

The students have now been empowered to implement their ideas back at school and provide the leadership to ensure it is a success.

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