2017 School Leaders

Congratulations to the following students who elected leaders by their peers and teachers.

School Captains

Max, Indiana, Mitchell and Elisabeth

Max, Indiana, Mitchell and Elisabeth

















Captains: Mitchell and Indiana
Vice Captains: Max and Elisabeth

House Captains

Captains: Beau and Alice
Vice Captains: Jye and Mila

Dan Dan Nook
: Kayden and Jade
Vice Captains: Archer and Paris

: Callum and Chanel
Vice Captains: Mitchell and Indiana

Captains: Luke and Kirah
Vice Captains: Lochie and Kaylah

Junior School Council

Lachlan, Indiah, Luke, Jessica, Jed, Elisabeth, Angus, Sarah, Max, Tanaiya, Torrin, Dakota

Kids Matter Kids

Emily, Shontae, Roshan, Tyler, Elle, Amie, Grace B, Grace D, Erin, Jasmine

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