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2 thoughts on “Outside Eating Areas

  • Tracey Paech

    Be great if this is successful. My daughter always brings food home because 10mins just is never long enough. I also think taking your time is a healthier approach to eating, not scoff and run.

  • John Gowlett

    I have observed the issues surrounding trying to manage the rubbish that is dropped and ends up being blown across the oval and against the fences of the houses on Bennett Street or in that corner behind the far hill on the north-east boundary, on the other side of the oval to the main school buildings.
    So much rubbish is dropped by students walking with a food item that has a wrapper, but also, so much is also blown directly out of a students hands, or is blown away by the student attempting to place a wrapper in a bin, but either it blows out of the bin before it floats to the bottom or the bins are too full, and the top layers of rubbish also blow away.
    This is why council bins are designed the way they are.
    I hope that appropriate bins, plenty of them, and those bins being sufficiently empty, will be offered as part of this initiative.