Principal’s Awards T1W8

The following students were presented with Principal’s Awards from the School Captains at Assembly this morning.


Lily (Prep M) – Lily has been working extremely hard to learn her sounds at home and at school.  She can find these sounds in books and uses them in her writing.  Fantastic work Lily, well done.

Flynn (Prep T) – For being an all-round superstar.  Flynn can count past 100 and read these numbers.  He writes fantastic sentences, remembers lots of tricky words when he is reading and can blend to help him work out new words.  Awesome job, Flynn, keep it up!

Hannah (1M) – For being such an organized, grown-up Year 1 during swimming.  Hannah has been first ready to swim and first dried and dressed everyday, ready to head back to school.  Well done Hannah!

William (2S) – For his outstanding performance in Maths.  William uses mental computation and written skills to correctly add and subtract.  He listens to all instruction and makes connections to previous learning so that he has a good understanding in both Maths and English.

Grace (2TS) – For striving for excellence in her writing by using compound sentences, paragraphs and showing a great sense of humour within her writing.  Well done Grace you should be very proud of your achievements!

Emily (3T) – For always putting in her best effort with all class tasks and being a respectful and considerate class member.

Sonni (4C) – For developing new friendships and showing kindness to others.

Kai (4V) – For your hard work during class time.  You are always challenging yourself and helping others. Well Done!

Anokai (4W) – For being a kind and caring student.  He always achieves above and beyond the expectations with his work. Fantastic work Anokai!!

Phoebe (5C) – For showing determination and resilience in her learning and being courageous in tackling unfamiliar and often challenging new skills.

Luke (5H) – For having a positive attitude toward his learning.  Luke always works to his full potential and seeks clarification and assistance when required.  You’re a wonderful role model, Luke. You should be proud!

Haven (6T) – For working really hard to improve her editing skills to make her writing make sense.

Zac (Prep M) – For his outstanding work in Indonesian.  Zac tries his hardest and remembers most of our Indonesian words.  He can even have a short conversation in Indonesian.  Well done Zac!

Harry (5H) – For his enthusiasm towards Indonesian.  You have a great attitude in class, ask great questions and always try your hardest. Well done Harry!

Lily (5C) – For her awesome attacking and courage during lacrosse.

Keira (6T) – For showing great initiative and responsibility in her role as a sports captain.