Spring Fair – Thank You

I hope everyone enjoyed the Spring Fair and found plenty to do. Wherever I looked there were lots and lots of people laughing and having fun whether it was playing the olden day games, enjoying the art and photography exhibitions in the hall, meeting Hawky, or socialising with friends while enjoying something to eat from one of our food vendors. Trying something different is always a big unknown and very risky. Our school motto is “Accept the Challenge” which means that we should not be afraid of change. We wanted the games to be more accessible to families rather than have Fair Ground rides which are costly and more suited to older children. We also wanted to provide a showcase of home-made local items. I am not sure where the Dunk Tank came into this, but it seemed to be a huge hit, at least with those doing the dunking.

IMGP9504Fairs are big events to organise which would not be possible without the dedication of a core committee. They are also big events to run which would not be possible without an extensive team of volunteers. I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the Spring Fair committee who set the Fair up from scratch including the theme, the mascot, the publicity, the timing i.e. after school rather than during the day and persuaded so many local businesses to support us with donations and prizes. These wonderful people are: Rachel Feldman, Andrea Nisbet, Sandra King, Ruth Graymore, Tracey Van Der Wel, Dani MacDonald, Naomi Avery, Kylie Atkinson, Amy Hopes and Tara Wearne. School staff on the organising committee were Joanne Black and Mel Burton.

On the day we had amazing support from the staff who helped with setting up and running the stalls as well as volunteering to be in the Dunk Tank. When this level of staff support is the norm in a school, it is easy to overlook the fact that this is beyond the norm for most schools. We are extremely fortunate to have such dedicated staff who are willing to give up their time to support our community when they are also putting in countless extra hours writing reports and taking the children away on camp.

For this Fair we invited the Year 6 children to take on greater responsibility as part of our student leadership program. They really stepped up not only with their help moving tables and chairs but also by taking on responsibility for supervising the 15 or so olden day games. They have set a high benchmark for future Year 6’s to meet. These children would also have been eager to be playing the games, dunking the teachers and enjoying the music from The Gems, so it is doubly commendable that they were so willing to be unselfish in their support of the school by volunteering as helpers.

Apart from the support of the committee, staff and children, the success of the Fair depended on lots of parents all offering 30 minutes to help run stalls, paint faces, spray hair, run the Kids Matter information tent, sell raffle tickets, empty bins and provide ice for the Dunk Tank. With so many parents offering this support we were able to run the Fair really smoothly.

So THANK YOU for making this a massive team effort and a magnificent event. Attached with this Link is a Spring Fair Survey. Please could all families take 5 minutes to complete this and hand back to the school by Friday 13th November. Over the next few weeks we will collate the feedback and review the Fair. We will then make some decisions about what were the particular successes to repeat next year and what did not go so well and needs to be different in 2016.

The Fair is partly an event to bring the community together and partly the school’s major fundraiser for the year. I know we achieved the first goal. I will let you know the fundraising total once we have counted all the contributions.


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