Year 1 Swimming

The Year 1s finished their two weeks of swimming today amidst a feeling of achievement and tinge a sadness, as it may well be the last swimming lessons for Drysdale Primary School at the Portarlington Pool.

Some of the children wrote letters of thanks to their swimming teachers (who all seemed to be called Karen) that also mentioned how they didn’t want the pool to close.

When we visited today, the owner of the pool, and his daughter, happened to be in a meeting with some local business representatives to talk over some options to keep the pool open. Meg and Mae used this opportunity to present our letters directly to Tom, who was very impressed with both the quality of the writing, and the confident manner in which they spoke.

Some examples of the letters are below:

Dear Karen,

I really don’t want the pool to close on December 19th because you have been such an interesting teacher!

I liked having you as my teacher because you have made learning so fun for us. My favourite lesson was when we had to learn to get in the pool with our clothes on!

You’re a great teacher Karen.

From Sam (1F)

Dear Karen,

I hope the pool doesn’t close. It will be great if it stays open. The Portarlington pool is better than the Ocean Grove pool.

From Flynn (1K)

To Karen,

Thank you for teaching me. I loved you teaching us things like floating, backstroke, torpedos and sculling arms. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t close the Portarlington Swimming Pool. You are a very amazing teacher.

From Jasmine (1K)

To Karen,

I hope the swimming pool doesn’t close because it’s a great pool for Drysdale Primary School to do lessons in. Thank you for teaching me. I really enjoyed treading water.

From Emma (1K)

To Karen,

I have really enjoyed swimming because we learnt to do things which were really fun. I really hope the pool does not close on December 19. It’s a really great pool!

From Paige (1F)
P.S You are the best teacher there!

Dear Karen

I wish the pool wasn’t going to close. Good luck. Thank you for teaching us. I hope you don’t lose your job. Thank you also for being a great teacher. Also because you kept the pool clean.

From you friend,
Guy (1K)


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