Henny Penny Hatching Program


The Preps’ Henny Penny Hatching Program has culminated this week with the arrival of a number of chicks as they popped out of their eggs. Read some of the reactions from the Prep students.

I felt the chicks. They do not have teeth. They have beaks.
Charlotte (Prep M)

The wings are getting bigger. The chicks are getting bigger.
Aaliyah  (Prep M)

The chicks are growing. The chicks have to drink water. They have to eat.
Willow  (Prep M)

I saw an egg wobble and I saw an egg hatching.
Cruz (Prep W)

I saw the chicks trying to fly and the chicks have grown up feathers.
Paige S (Prep W)

Today I can see the feathers and one chick flew near the light.
Bill (Prep W)

Today I can see there are six eggs in the incubator. I think some might hatch tonight.
Paige M (Prep W)

I saw four eggs wobble and then crack. Some chicks were sleeping.
Ava (Prep W)

Today I saw that the chick was bigger and the neck is longer.
Sophie (Prep W)

Today was exciting because two chicks hatched and they were black.
Callan (Prep W)

I saw one of the eggs hatching but I couldn’t see the whole chicken I could only see a little crack.
Sam (Prep W)

The chicks are yellow and I can see that one egg has brown spots on it.
Grace (Prep W)

I saw a chicken egg, the egg was wobbling.
Dahlia (Prep W)

Today I can see a wet chick. Today I can see a grown chick.
Sienna (Prep W)

Today I can see four new chickens.
Bailey (Prep W)

I saw a chick get out of an egg.
Zahlia (Prep W)

Today I can see a chicken in the incubator.
Harley (Prep W)

Now I can see a chicken with adult feathers.
Liam (Prep W)

Today was exciting because we got to see a crack on an egg because one was hatching.
Meg (Prep W)

Today I saw a chicken jump over the other chicken.
Jude (Prep W)

Today I saw a chicken hatch out of an egg.
Harrison (Prep W)

I can see the chick in the incubator because it hatched.
Mae (Prep W)

I can see the chicken move.
Mayson (Prep W)

I saw six eggs and I saw one of the chicks hatch.
Grace P (Prep W)

The chicks are so cute because they are so fluffy.
Emily (Prep T)

I saw an egg hatch in the incubator.
Lyza (Prep T)

Chicks are cute. Chicks are fluffy. A chick is yellow.
Luke (Prep H)

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