Grade 2 Grandparents’ Afternoon

On Friday August 2nd, the Grade Two’s welcomed many grandparents and other relatives along to a special afternoon. All the grandparents were asked to bring along an item from the ‘olden days’ or some information to share about their childhood.
G2GAA wide range of items were presented to the students, including old dolls, teddy bears, cars, hula hoops, skittles & other toys, a monkey money box, cameras, an iron, washing board, ice box, a variety of pennies, other coins & paper money, school suitcases, scales, butter churner, old-style telephones, an ice-cream block maker, sewing kit, crochet work, books, photographs & other interesting things.
The students listened to the grandparents and asked questions such as how old the item was, where did it come from, what materials was it made from, what was its purpose, how did it work, who would have used it etc.
Students and grandparents alike thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and the children learnt a great deal about life in the recent past.
We would like to thank our visitors very much for giving up their time and making the effort to come along and teach the children about what life was like for them growing up.
Grade 2 students & teachers.

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