Grade 2 Box City

The Grade 2 children have worked hard and had a lot of fun reading and writing fairytales and studying about Community in Term One.

Earlier in the term, we went on a walk to our local shopping community where the children discussed and recorded the goods and services available.

As a culmination of this unit of study, all the Grade 2’s gathered together to create our own town made out of boxes. The students used their imagination and creativity to construct and decorate shops, houses and other buildings and services providers, which were then assembled on a road network drawn on the floor with chalk.

Children were given the opportunity t share their creations.

This was followed by a showing of the community maps created over several weeks of the term by small groups of children working together as a team.

Finally, the students completed a self-evaluation of their community map project, rating how well they got along as a team, shared the workload and fulfilled the design brief.

Term One has been an exciting term and the children are looking forward to learning about Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life next term.

Grade 2 Teachers.

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