Wakakirri Story Writing competition

Congratulations to Jack 2A for his terrific entry in the Wakakirri Story Writing competition.

Jack’s story titled “Fort  Beaver Attacked By Toy Soldiers” submitted as the Drysdale  Primary School entry has made the shortlist and is a 2012 finalist. This means we are in the top 5 schools.


The story which the judges really enjoyed  reading can be viewed below.

The 2012 NATIONAL WINNERS for every category will be announced 10am Monday 12th November via the Wakakirri Web Show at www.wakakirri.com

Well Done Jack, 2A, Miss Arter and  Mrs Lamb for their work in entering this competition.

Warning: Fort Beaver Attacked by Toy Soldiers

“FIRE!!” shouted Admiral Booty as the toy soldiers marched their way towards Fort Beaver. The cry was drowned out by machine guns and rifles; almost every kind of ammunition possible. Lord Menace’s troops were defeated straight away. Admiral Booty’s troops had defeated Lord Menaces. Meanwhile, Lord Menace was quietly plotting revenge in his cave in The Alps. “Ah, I’ve got it!” he said. A day later, four Messerschmitt’s were guarding a squadron of Bombers over the fleet of British Navy ships in the North Sea. BANG! BANG! BANG! Several Spitfires had flown thousands of miles to protect the fleet of ships. Two Messerschmitt’s went down but six more came. Five Gladiators were called to battle. As a result, all the planes were shot down or ran out of petrol. The real tragedy was because the ships had sunk. More Messerschmitt’s poured from the sky but this time they were attacking Fort Beaver itself. Again, Gladiators and Spitfires were sent up to defend the fort. Thousands died in the battle of the air. A few miles away, the battle of the sea was about to begin. This battle was fought off Jutland and the ships were battleships, destroyers, aircraft carriers and patrol boats. U boats and submarines also fought. The aircraft carrier was a full size dimensional replica of a real Aircraft carrier. The other ships were the same. Planes dropped bombs on other ships as well as protecting their own fleets. Submarines also sunk ships, including Lusitania in the English Channel. U-boats are the German name for submarines. Spitfires took on Fokker Triplanes, while Gladiators took on Messerschmitt’s and Mosquitoes fought the Bombers. Down below, guns were blazing and U-boats and submarines were sinking ships. Mines were being laid. The number of ships, submarines and planes was getting lower and lower every minute. One land, war was still raging and the toyshop soldiers were still winning. Lord Menace had more money now and was buying more powerful guns. He also got some tanks. Suddenly, a huge bomb from a Lord Menace bomber destroyed Fort Beaver, killed ten troops and destroyed thousands of guns. For twelve more years, this terrible battle raged. Ten years later, when there was still two more years left of war, although there were actually zero years left, Lord Menace surrenders. The troops were shocked by the news and kept on fighting. Admiral Booty wanted the argument (the war) stopped so he had made Lord Menace surrender. But in the air, the news hadn’t got through, so they were still fighting like crazy. Four Gladiators were just showering the Messerschmitt’s with bullets and the Spitfires and Mosquitoes were doing the same. Then the news came through; ‘It’s almost dawn.” Everything went quiet. A minute later, the shopkeeper opened the shop. “What a mess!” he said, looking at all of his broken models. “I shall have to clean this up quickly.”

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