Werribee Park Mansion Excursion

On Thursday 30th August the year two students ventured to Werribee Park Mansion to further our learning of the olden days. The Mansion was originally owned and built by the Chirnside family. In the laundry sleeves were rolled up and students experienced the life of a laundry maid of the late 18th century. Here we learnt the many steps involved in washing clothes and how difficult life was without electricity. Walking around to the farm we saw the farmhouse, carriages, the blacksmith’s shed and how farmers lived and worked 140 years ago. We all had a great day experiencing life of the late 1800’s and have a greater appreciation of how the development of technology has made our lives so much easier.

Oh here comes another day of hard work in the laundry. Hi there! I’m Jasmine the laundry maid. I work for the Chirnside family at Werribee Mansion. I can see they have left a big pile of clothes for me to wash. First I put the clothes into a large tub with water, than I grate some soap from my big bar. After that I get my dolly [a long stick with a handle and skirt], put it in the tub and twist it around and around. Then I pick out the clothes that are still dirty and scrub them on the washboard. Almost finished! Next I gather up the really wet clothes and put them through the wringer. Then I hang out the clothes on the clothesline behind the hedge. After that I iron them with Mrs Potts iron. By Jasmine (2F) I arrive at the Mansion. I step out of my carriage and walk to the big front door. “Welcome Sir James! Follow me” says the butler. He takes me to the men’s room. I had tea out of a moustache cup. Then I read for a while and have a chat to Andrew Chirnside. Then it was dinner time. In the dining room I see heaps of horse statues and we eat off Mary Chirnside’s green dinner setting. Off course I sit next to Andrew and the other very important guests. By James (2F)

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