Drysdale Primary School

DPS Potato Fair FAQ: 

When does the Potato Fair start and finish?
Start Time 3:30pm. Finish time 7:30pm.

Is Potato Fair a pet friendly event?
No, unfortunately due to the large number of people in the area and child safety, we are NOT able to accommodate your pets.

Where can I buy tickets?
Tickets and unlimited wristbands can be purchased at the ticketing booth during the event from 3pm. Unlimited wristbands are $60, ticket bundles of 10 are $10 each.

I have pre-purchased a activity wristband and/or ticket bundles. Where do I collect from?
Students and Families that have pre purchased unlimited wristbands will receive these during class on Friday. Any purchases for siblings who do not attend DPS will be handed to the eldest sibling on that day.

Are there any food options?
YES! Dinner is sorted! We have Kylie’s canteen, Potato Works, Shumei’s Dumplings, Slush n Go Frozen Drinks, Giant Springs, Mr. Twisty, Flip’n Mini Donuts, Sausage Sizzle, Cake Stall and so much more!

Will students be wearing school uniform?
No, students are welcome to wear casual clothes to school on Friday the 22nd of March. Students are welcome to bring in a gold coin donation in the morning and all proceeds will go to the Potato Fair.

How can I purchase treats from the cake stall?
This year you can use either cash or eftpos to purchase goodies at the cake stall.

When is the Xposure wildlife presentation on?
The Exposure wildlife presentations will be running at 4:45pm and 5:45pm. From 3:30pm-6:30pm, students can enter the hall at any time to see the reptiles and animals.

Who is going in the Dunk Tank?
We have lots of teachers this year that are ready to get dunked. Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Keogh, Mr. Burnie, Mrs. Alonso, Bu Garbutt, Miss West and Gus Robb have all put their hands up for the special event. We will even get to see Mr. Lauder make a special appearance at the Dunk Tank too! (Please note: The Dunk Tank is NOT included in the unlimited wristband and tickets must be purchased to participate.

What activities are covered on the unlimited wristband?
The activities included in the unlimited wristband are Chair-o-plane, Animal Farm, Pony Rides, Wildlife Exposures, Photobooth and the Cup and Saucer ride.

What is not included on the activity wristband?
The activities that are not included in the unlimited wristband are the dunk tank, face painting, gone fishing and space invaders.

Is the Colour Run happening again this year?
Yes, the colour run will be happening at 7pm on the evening of the Potato Fair. Students are welcome to bring a white shirt to get coloured. This is a free event and will be starting near the Year 1 / 2 Playground of the oval.

Where are the toilets located?
The public can use the toilets in the breezeway.(the end of the Junior and Middle Years corridor) Unfortunately, the toilets in the hall will be out of order for the event.

I’m coming from work and will need a coffee fix. Where can I buy a coffee?
If you go and see Kylie in the canteen, she will be more than happy to help you out. Kylie will be selling tea, coffee, hot chocolate and many more drinks for you.

Still have a question, send us a message and we will be happy to answer any more questions or concerns/ that you have.

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Geelong Women in Community Life Awards Nomination: Education

Congratulations to Julie Penfold who was nominated for a Geelong Community Life Award in the Education category.

The nomination highlighted her contribution to many community groups but particularly her work on the Drysdale PS School Council.

“Julie is extremely energetic and a classic quiet achiever, never one to seek the limelight. Julie is a very active member of the Drysdale Primary School Community. As a parent volunteer she has shown diligent leadership, serving 6 years as school council Treasurer and is now in her 3rd year as School Council President.

She successfully co-ordinated the schools inaugural Potato Fair raising $18,000 in 2023. She has initiated and lead many School fundraisers both at Drysdale Primary and as the Fundraising Co-ordinator on the St Ignatius College Parents and Friends group.

She has actively supported the Drysdale monthly market for more than 10 years, which raises money annually for Drysdale Primary.

She is the unofficial photographer for school events, catching moments which hold memories for a lifetime and deepen the bond every student has with the school and the local community.”

Congratulations Julie on your nomination and thank you for all the hard work that you do for the school and wider community.

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Drysdale Community Market 

Emergency Drills

Each term we enact various emergency drills. These could be a Lock down (inside or outside), evacuation and maybe even an offsite evacuation so we are well prepared in the event of an emergency.

Between now and the end of the term, we will enact an evacuation drill.

Please discuss these important events with your children at home so they understand the importance of their cooperation in these events.

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NAPLAN: The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy

Well done to all our Year 3 and Year 5 students who have been undertaking NAPLAN tests. They have done an amazing job, and we are proud of their effort!

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Noone Uniform Shop 

We Need Your Help

The DPS Potato Fair is our major school fundraising event and we are in need of some superstar volunteers!

We have 30 spots left to fill that need to be filled before Friday.

If you have some spare time on the afternoon/evening of Friday 22nd of March, please click on the link below to register your name: Potato Fair Volunteer Sign Up

This year we have split the activities into year levels so families will be able meet other families in their child/ren’s year level. When signing up please look for your year group. eg Junior Classes Volunteer – Animal Farm.

If you have children in different year groups feel free to choose one OR you’re always welcome to sign up for both!!! Any time that you volunteer is greatly appreciated!

Thank you for supporting our school community and we look forward to seeing you there!

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Potato Fair Gold Sponsors 

Potato Fair Raffle

Our DPS Potato Fair Raffle is now live for all Victorian residents!

We have EIGHT sensational raffle prizes to be won totalling over $4,300! Tickets are priced at $10 each.

Click on the link below to buy your tickets and see the full list of prizes:

There are a variety of fantastic prizes including a weekend away for 2 people in Bright, Coles Gift Cards, Live Wire Voucher, Searoad Ferries Gift Voucher, Dimo’s Mechanical Repairs Voucher and many more!

The Raffle will close on Friday 22nd of March at 6:30pm and be drawn at the DPS Potato Fair. Winners will be notified.

Good luck!

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Cake Stall

We are holding a cake stall at the Potato Fair and would love some help from our school community by baking some yummy treats to be sold. Cake stall donation packs (plate, label, bag, tie and drop off instructions) are getting ready to be sent home with your child this week.

Please remember to use the label enclosed to write the name of the product and list the ingredients – anything without an ingredient label unfortunately cannot be sold.

Please note we do not have access to a fridge to keep things cold, therefore please avoid using fresh cream or anything which can spoil without refrigeration.

Baked goods MUST be dropped off on the day of the Potato Fair (Friday the 22nd of March) in the Haven from 8:30-9:15am (opposite the canteen) or at the cake stall from 2:30pm onwards near the Prep Building and get your plate recorded by a Parents and Friends Volunteer.

If your child has misplaced their donation pack or you wish to bake up some extra delicious goodies for our Cake Stall, there are extra plates available in the office.

Thank you for your ongoing support. See you at Potato Fair!

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Casual Day This Friday 22nd March

This Friday all students can wear causal clothes for a gold coin donation. All gold coins donations will go towards the funds raised for our Potato Fair.


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Who Can Make The Coolest SPUD Person For Our Drysdale Primary School Potato Town

Who can make the coolest SPUD person for our Drysdale Primary School Potato Town?

Find a potato at home and design your Cool Spud Person. Every Cool Spud will get a point for their house. Make sure you have a splash of your house colour on your potato to get you house point!

Bring your Cool Spud to school by Thursday the 21st of March. Look out for your “Cool Spud” Potato Person on display at the Potato Fair.

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No Assembly This Friday 22nd March

There will be no assembly this Friday as we will be busy setting up our Potato Fair.

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Last Day Of Term 1 Thursday 28th March Early Finish 2.30pm

Next Thursday 28th March is the last day of Term 1. Please note we will finish at the early finish time of 2.30pm. The first day of Term 2 is Monday 15th April.

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Junior School Council Potato Fair Colouring Competition

Congratulations to everyone who took part in colouring competition. There were so many fantastic entries and Junior School Council found it very hard to pick only one winner from all levels.

The winners were:

Foundation: Hailee

Juniors: Arliyah

Middles: Mackenzie

Seniors: Rafia


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Harmony Week

This week is Harmony and Closing the Gap week. This supports communities in bringing awareness to cultural diversity and the challenges that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people face in relation to health and education.

At Drysdale Primary, our value of Acceptance is something we take pride in. Our students will be involved in some activities and learning around Cultural and Indigenous diversity and challenge’s throughout the week.

Students and staff are invited to wear a splash of orange with their school uniform this Thursday 21th March to celebrate cultural diversity for Closing the Gap and Harmony Week.

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Middle Years Hands On Learning

The Middles have been doing Hands on Learning this term. Sessions include Martial Arts, Drysdale library trips, Sustainability sessions and STEM.

This week in STEM, students participated in an egg drop challenge. They had to create a gadget to support a raw egg. They had to drop it from a height and protect it from cracking.

It was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone!

Please see read more for photos

Read more…

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Values Awards

Congratulations to our Values Award recipients. Read more…

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For TheirCare news please see read more

Read more…

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Community News

Please see more for flyers from Bellarine Performing Arts and Hazy Tales pottery holiday program

Read more…

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Drysdale Primary School

School Council Members

President: Julie Penfold Vice President: Gary Absolom
Treasurer: Seumas Spark Executive Officer: Glen Lauder
Secretary: Evan Wailes    
Members: Matthew Adamis, Nic Alonso, Rebecca Hoyne, Kate Lockhart, Tara van Winckel, Kate Wojcik
School Councillors can be contacted via the school office or school email