Drysdale Primary School

Easing of COVID Restrictions – Confirmation of Vaccination Status

With the continuous easing of COVID restrictions we are able to change some of our processes to make it easier for regular visitors, i.e. Parents/Carers, to move around the school.

Parents/Carers who wish to enter one of the school’s buildings can only do so once their vaccination status, double vaccinated or approved medical exemption, has been checked at the school office and we have issued them with a small green card as confirmation. Once you have received this card you can enter other school buildings provided that you use the QR code displayed at the entrance to each building and show the confirmation card on the request of a member of staff.

These steps are necessary to keep our school community safe we thank you for your understanding and support.


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End Of School Year Events

At all school events all adults attending must show evidence of double vaccination status or an approved medical exemption.

End of School Year Events:

Please look out for details of end of year events for all year levels on the sentral parent app calendar.

There are some school events too:

The End of Year Concert

Will be on Friday December 10th. Each class is preparing a song to share. The event will be held on the basketball courts starting at 5.30pm.

Graduation for the Year 6s

Tuesday December 14th from 5.30pm. The year 6 team will communicate further details of this to their students’ parents shortly.

End Of Year Presentation Assembly

Will be on Thursday 16th December starting at 2 pm in the hall.

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Drysdale Community Market 

Parents At Assembly

With the lifting of density limits and in the absence of an updated Operations Guide, parents can join us in assembly on Friday afternoons starting at 2.45pm. Parents will be required to have verified their vaccination status through the school office prior to attending (see above), checked in using the hall’s QR code and you are required to wear a mask.

This is important as the majority of our students are too young to have been vaccinated. As an additional precaution, please can I ask that parents attending assembly maintain at least 1.5 m distance from the students.


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Face Marks Requirements

All visitors, staff and students in Year 3 to 6 under the new COVID restrictions are still required to wear a face mask while in the school buildings.

The school has a limited supply of disposable masks and ask families to please ensure your child/ren have a face mask and a spare in their bag (due to them braking) everyday.


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Noone Uniform Shop 

Junior School Council Fundraiser

Our Junior School Council (JSC) are organizing a pyjama day on Thursday December 9th. Our Junior School Council are keen to raise money to support the Geelong Animal Welfare Society (GAWS).

Please can students wearing their PJs make a gold coin donation to support our JSC fundraiser.

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Surf Junction 

Shade Structure

The Education Department has approved the school’s application for up to $25,000 to create a shade structure above the log seating area in our quiet area (outside the BER). I need to submit a quote for the construction of this structure before December 8th.

Please can anyone with the professional expertise to build this structure who is interested in providing a quotation, please contact me at school this week via email drysdale.ps@education.vic.gov.au.

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Drysdale Community Market

Our local market took place on Sunday at the Reserve. This had a different look because we needed to move half the stalls to higher ground following the heavy rain that has fallen in the last few weeks. This required a huge amount of extra work from our Market Coordinator, Jac Absolom, who is too modest to claim any of the credit. Just for comparison Torquay cancelled their market that was also scheduled for Sunday.

Our December market is looking like it is going to be HUGE. The lifting of COVID restrictions means that we can almost certainly return to the market’s full capacity of 112 stalls. The December market is on the third Sunday which is the 19th just after the end of term.


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School Uniform

Our new school uniform is now available for order through Noone. Please take a moment to look at the art work of the new uniform. Information about Noone, including the pricelist and details of how to order can be found at the following link:  https://www.noone.com.au/school/drysdale-primary-school.

We have introduced a DPS hoodie following consultation with our students through the Junior School Council. The design for the summer and winter dress will be the same. However, the summer dress will be in a lighter weight fabric.

Noone will be supplying all uniform items in a wider range of sizes. This follows feedback in our consultation process with families especially those with older children in our senior years.

Noone’s shop is at 162 Moorabool Street in Geelong (Trading Hours Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm Sat 9am – 1pm). They can be contacted by phone 5221 9199 or email: geelong@noone.com.au.

Noone will also be opening a uniform shop at Drysdale Primary. The details of the school based uniform shop’s opening hours will be available in the coming weeks.


Please see read more for art work of the new DPS uniform.

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Uniform Policy

Our School Council will be updating the school’s uniform policy to reflect the new uniform. This will be available following School Council’s December meeting. There will be a two-year transition between the current formal uniform and the new uniform.

Noone are able to supply brown leggings, tights and socks all of which can be worn underneath dresses and skorts. Please note that from the start of next year only brown and gold is permitted as school uniform i.e. pants and leggings in other colours such as black or blue will not be permitted.

Items such as Drysdale Hawks tops and other brown or gold tops with large logos will not be permitted.

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Market Raffle

The raffle on Sunday was very successful and well supported by the community.  Ticket sales raised over $600 to go towards the Outdoor Stage.

The winners are:

Alan – Adventure Park Prize
Alistair – Van Loon’s Nursery and Garden Prize
Narelle – Lunar Lotus Wellbeing and Queenscliff General Store Prize
Kate – Dimo’s Mechanical Repairs Prize.

All winners have been notified.  Thank you to the P&FG for arranging the raffle and a special thanks to the team of parents and staff who set up, packed up, prepared the prizes and sold tickets at the Drysdale Community Market.  The team were: Alycia Dimitrijevski, Carissa Ainsworth, Kathy Farrugia, Steph Davey,  Jac Absolom, Kylie King and Nic Alonso.

Thank you for the generosity of Dimo’s Mechanical Repairs, Van Loon’s Nursery, Adventure Park, Queenscliff General Store and Lunar Lotus.


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Principal Awards

Congratulations to this week’s Principal Award winners.

Please click read more for the details of the winners.

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Congratulations Mya

Congratulations to Mya from Year 6 who competed last weekend at Little River representing Drysdale Primary School. She had a successful day bringing home lots of ribbons.

Please see read more for photo

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Term Dates 2026 – 2030

The Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 require the Minister for Education to determine the days on which a government school is required to be open for attendance by students.

The Minister for Education has set the term dates for 2026-2030.

Setting school dates well in advance assists with school planning and ensures the school community knows the days Victorian government schools are open for student instruction.

The 2026-2030 term dates are based on these criteria:

* there are four school terms

* the school year is 200 days

* the Australia Day holiday occurs before students return to school

* the first term vacation is to coincide with Easter

* that, as far as possible, a consistent pattern be maintained from one five-year block to the next.

More information, including 2022 to 2026 term dates, are on the Department’s website: School term dates and holidays in Victoria (education.vic.gov.au)


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Camp Australia

Our “Your Talent” Week at Camp Australia Drysdale Primary School OSHC has arrived! Over the course of this week we will be focusing on encouraging the children to share and celebrate their talents, with focuses such as Dance, Tumble and Spin, Champions of the Track and Field, Artists Gallery, Joke Night, all in preparation for our special Talent Show on Friday the 26th of November.

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Community News

Please see read more for all community news.

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Drysdale Primary School

School Council Members

President: Julie Penfold Vice President: Stephanie Davey
Treasurer: Seumas Spark Executive Officer: Glen Lauder
Secretary: Evan Wailes    
Members: Gary Absolom, Kate Lockhart, Miquel Trujillo Coll, Nic Alonso, Tara van Winckel, Rebecca Hoyne, Kate Wojcik
School Councillors can be contacted via the school office or school email