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The end of year student reports will be available through the Sentral Parent Portal tomorrow.  We were hoping to have released them today but we need an extra day to finalise the changes we have made to their presentation. With this year’s report each parent will be able to see their child’s internal record of completed achievement statements. We call this the ‘Continuum Tracker’. By removing this from the formal report we have tried to focus more in our comments on how each student approaches their learning in each subject area. The mandatory statements of achievement and progress are represented graphically.  This is a significant change of style which will take a few report cycles to perfect.  We hope that you will find the reports more personal while your access to the Continuum Tracker will provide a level of technical detail to support the written comments.

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Christmas Film Night

Thank you to everyone who attended our Christmas Film Night. This was a very successful end of year celebration. It was wonderful to hear the children enjoying themselves singing Christmas songs. I would like to thank the large team of parents who made the event happen led by key members of our Parents Fundraising Group, Anna Richardson, Kylie Atkinson and Renee Colley.

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Drysdale Community Market 

End of Year Events

On Wednesday evening our Year 6 students will attend their graduation celebration.

On Thursday each year group will be holding end of year celebration events.

On Friday morning there will be the final assembly of the year when we will announce the major award winners for the year and farewell our Year 6s.  This final assembly begins at 9:05am in the Hall.  All parents, family and friends are welcome to attend.

Term finishes at 2:30pm on Friday.  Please arrange for your children to be collected at this time or to be booked into Camp Australia’s after school service. The 2020 school year begins for students on Wednesday, 29th January.

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Pupil Free Days 2020

Our School Council has agreed that the four pupil free days for the 2020 school year will be held on Tuesday, 28th January , this is mandated by the Victorian Department of Education.  The second student-free-day will be on Tuesday, 10th March, this is the day after the Labour Day holiday which will therefore give families a four day weekend.  The third will be on Friday, 8th May.  The fourth and final student-free-day will be on Monday, 13th July, this is the first official day of Term 3.

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Student Leaders for 2020

We have concluded the selection process for our student leaders for 2020. We are very excited to announce our house captains and vice captains are:

Davis:  Talon and Grace. P (Captains) with Marley and Meg  (Vice-Captains)

Dan Dan Nook:  Sam and Paige (Captains) with Chase and Grace. S (Vice-Captains)

McLeod:  Lyza and Callan (Captains) with Grace. C and Lucas (Vice-Captains)

Bengalat: Jarvis and Lenni (Captains) with Flynn and Sophie (Vice-Captains)

The Junior School Council Members are:  Owen, Jude, Mae, Guy, Asher, Ava, Ella, Phoebe, Brydie, James, Ziva and Amie

The Kids Matter Kids team members are: Will, Lily, Vianne, Ashlyn, Sam, Daisy, Indee and Will

I would like to congratulate all of the above students for their willingness to be one of our student leaders.  I would also like to thank the other students in Year 5 who nominated for one of the positions and put themselves through a rigorous selection process.

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Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to this weeks Principal Award winners. Please read more for details.

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Farewell from Mrs. Christian

I can’t believe that this will be my last week at Drysdale Primary School. Three years as Assistant Principal seems to have gone by in a flash and yet so much has happened within this time. It’s hard to explain in words just how much of an impact DPS has had on me. This school is a unique and special place and it certainly will be hard to leave when I have to say goodbye on Friday.

I want to thank all the staff in our great school, Admin, Inclusion, Teaching teams, Maintenance, IT, and, our Canteen staff, I see little actions every day from our staff who go above and beyond to care for our students. I greatly admire their compassion, dedication and, energy. During my time here, the staff and I have worked together to introduce Inquiry learning to our school, from the beginning of this the staff were eager, open and excited to start on this journey and full of intelligent thoughts and questions as we implemented it. This is just one example of their skills, but there are many more. I feel extremely lucky to have worked with them.

To our wonderful parent community, thank you. There is no greater honour than to be trusted with the responsibility of educating your children and I thank you for placing this trust in me as a leader in our school. I have loved working with you all to bring together our school community and take so many fond memories with me from Spring Fair, Gardening Club, Mini Mudders, Slime Dunks, Working Bees and many more. We really do have a wonderful community here at DPS and I believe it sits at the heart of what makes this place so special. I will never forget how the community rallied around the staff when we lost one of our own, getting us through the most difficult of times.

Finally, to our students, the most important people in our school. You are the reason I love coming to work every day. It is a pleasure to see you all when I am out on yard duty and to hear about your day, to listen to the excitement in your voice when you have learnt something new or to see your enjoyment as you play with your friends. You all have so much to offer this world and I know each one of you will achieve great things. Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!

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100 Club Casual Dress Day

Any students who have received the 100 club late in Term 3 or in Term 4 are invited to wear casual dress tomorrow.

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Cosmopolitan Lodge No 96 Junior Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Maya and Noah who were awarded a Cosmopolitan Lodge No.96 Junior Scholarship Award at assembly on Monday. The criteria for the award was someone who demonstrates, leadership, consideration for others (both children and adults), a willingness to assist others, a cooperative nature and self-motivation. This sums up both of these students perfectly. This award was the first of many that will be presented this week. The remainder of these will occur at the final assembly on Friday morning.


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Thank you to everyone who came Friday night to support our last fundraising event for 2019. The children appeared to really be enjoying themselves up on stage performing the carols for family and friends. Santa had a very warm welcome when he arrived on the back of the fire truck! Unfortunately due to the wind we had to move our “outdoor” cinema, indoors but it gave a chance for some very tired children (and parents) to settle down in the comfort and warmth of the hall to enjoy the movie ELF.

Thank you to all the families and teachers that came to help set up and pack up for the night. Thank you to the McDonald family and CFA Drysdale for organising a visit from Santa and an extra special thank you to Noah of Year 6 for being the “music man” for the night and Mrs. Christian for being our MC.

Than kyou again to the sponsors of this event.






This event has raised over $5000 which will be used to provide seating in the outdoor space in front of the Canteen. We are excited to see this develop over the Christmas break!

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Nude Food

Thank you to everyone who brings nude food to school. The winning grades were 3E & 1W; the winning students were Heidi from Year 4 & Sid from Year 1. Thanks again to everyone who supports nude food, you are helping your health and the environment. Nude food also helps keep our playground beautiful.

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The following events are coming up in the near future;

  • Years 3-5 (select students only) Swimming Trials Carnival – Wednesday 18th December
  • All Year Levels – End Of Year Activity – Thursday 19th December

Have you noticed our new online calendar?

Reminder; All end of year activities and excursions can be paid using BPay, please refer to the excursion note or a statement for the biller code and your reference number.

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Camp Australia

And just like that, the year is over. The Camp Australia Drysdale Primary School OSHC team would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the families who have used OSHC this year, and for the school for their ongoing support of the program. We would also like to wish the entire Drysdale Primary School Community a very happy, safe and relaxing summer holiday break. We look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year

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Community Notices

Please read on for all of our community notices

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Drysdale Primary School

School Council Members

President: Scott Pearson Vice President: Gary Absolom
Treasurer: Julie Penfold Executive Officer: Phil Dunlop-Moore
Secretary: Chris Cawkwell    
Members: Stephanie Davey, Sandra Jelowyi, Kylie King, Kate Lockhart, Ingrid Orvis, Leanne Sharples, Amy Wright
School Councillors can be contacted via the school office or school email