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From the Principal

This week we are focussing on our school value of RESILIENCE. At Drysdale Primary, we talk about resilience as bouncing back from challenges. We launched our week with a Kids Matter assembly, where the Kids Matter Kids talked to us about different ways we can all demonstrate resilience. With concert coming up, I know lots of children are feeling a little nervous about performing in front of others, but what a great chance to show the children how these nervous feelings can be overcome and resilience further developed. I used to do many musical performances when I was in school and remember very well how much my stomach would wiggle with nerves. Well known psychologist, Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg, suggests some strategies that you might like to try at home as we build up to concert. I know these little tips and tricks really helped me as a performer, so they might just work for your little one.

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Celebrating Learning

There has been more incredible learning happening at Drysdale Primary this week! It has been such a delight to have visitors coming to the office. What a talented group of students we have at this school! This week the following students were sent to visit to share their learning;

  • Ruby from 1W who used her Writer’s Notebook session to write about fruit bats. Ruby loves fruit bats and has always wanted to see one!
  • Alfie from 1W who told me about the Yr1 excursion to Werribee Mansion to learn about their Big Idea ‘Changes happen over time to places, families and communities.’ Alfie told me he saw a chicken laying an egg!
  • Fletcher from 1W who also told me about the excursion and drew a very detailed sketch of the mansion in his book. Well done!
  • Sid from 1W who did some beautiful writing about how to plant seeds, (Sid, you will have to come and join Gardening Club on a Friday lunch, I think you would love it!)
  • Zara from 3E who wrote a very clever poem all about herself with very impressive presentation
  • Salem from 4W who explained his learning about improper fractions. Great mathematical thinking Salem!
  • William from 1W who told me about the Werribee Mansion excursion and the giant Grandfather clock he saw there
  • Eliza from PrepM who wrote a fabulous weekend recount, talking about the challenges of trying to catch the lambs on the farm. Eliza said they didn’t have any luck with the lambs but the mozzies definitely did catch her!
  • Nieve from PrepM who also wrote a great weekend recount, talking all about a fun bike ride and a friend’s party. It sounded like a brilliant weekend.
  • Jack from 2H who had gone back over all his writing and edited to find spelling and grammar corrections. Impressive work Jack!
  • Kate from 2GV who presented her ‘All About Me’ presentation on her iPad. I learnt that Kate loves turtles and really wants one for a pet, (look out Mum and Dad!).
  • Isla from 2GV also shared her ‘All About Me’ presentation. I learnt that Isla’s favourite colour is galaxy! I didn’t even know galaxy was a colour so I learnt a lot from this conversation!
  • Tilly from 2GV also shared her ‘All About Me’ presentation. I learnt that her favourite movie is Harry Potter and her favourite animal is a sheep, (Perhaps you can help Eliza with her sheep catching Tilly!)

Well done to all of our students for their wonderful learning. I love having visitors popping in and sharing their success! Keep up the great effort everyone.

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Drysdale Community Market 

Bogan Bingo

Many thanks to the amazing group of parents – Kylie Atkinson, Renee Colley and Anna Richardson for their outstanding organisation of the Bogan Bingo event on Saturday night. The event ran so smoothly and raised some excellent funds which will go towards improving the school for our students. It was such a great opportunity for our parents and staff to enjoy some fun together! Many thanks to all the parents and staff who came along and supported the event.

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Volunteer Shout Out

Each week I am making an effort to recognise the many volunteers we have in our school. Last week I shared the amazing library make-over with you and this week I would like to shout out to Kate Lockhart! Kate is an amazing volunteer in our school, always in the background brightening our garden, planting trees, sweeping paths, watering on the weekends and holidays. Kate is a dedicated member of the Environment Committee and passionate School Council Member. Thank you for everything you do for our school Kate!

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Surf Junction 

Term 4 Working Bee

The next working bee will be held in Term 4 on Sunday 27 October from 9-11am. Please lock this date into your diary as we would love to have as many helpers come along as possible!

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Curriculum Day Dates

Please be advised that Friday, 13th September is a pupil free day therefore students are not required at school.

Also the Term 4 Curriculum Day has been confirmed as Monday, 25th November.



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Student Led Conferences

A Student Led Conference is an opportunity for the three key players in a child’s education to sit down together – the parents/guardians, the teacher and of course, the student. Unlike the traditional parent-teacher interview, the focus in a Student Led Conference is on the student. They are responsible for sharing their learning goals with their family and showing learning samples which provide evidence of their growth. It is so powerful to see students taking ownership of their learning and being actively involved in their school journey.

The children are extremely excited to share their learning with you, so please make time to jump onto the Parent Portal as bookings are now open.

We understand that you might need to have some conversations around your child and their development which are ‘adult conversations.’ Please contact the class teacher via the school diary or calling the office to make another time for these conversations.

I would also encourage you to visit the Specialist classrooms which will be open for visitors to drop into (without bookings) to share the great learning happening in these areas too. However, please note, that due to the upcoming concert, the Performing Arts classroom will not be open for visitors.




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District Golf Report

Hi I’m Ziva and and I played in the District Golf Tournament at Clifton Springs Golf Club on the 5th of August.

There were five other kids from Drysdale who also played, Phoebe from 5B, Liam from 5M, Noah from 6F, Ashton from 6D and Denham from 6D.

I had a score of 52 to qualify second in the Girls’ section and Denham shot a score of 47 which enabled him to qualify in the Boys’.

Denham and I both go on to play in the next tournament at Curlewis Golf Club.

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Principals’ Awards

Congratulations to this weeks’ Principal Award winners! Click on read more to view a full list and a picture.

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The Dress Up Place

This week’s Business of the Week is perfectly timed with many families organising their costumes for our concert. The Dress Up Place is a fancy dress hire service for all ages, sizes and occasions.

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Community Market Update

As we prepare for the new season of our Community Market back down to the Drysdale Reserve, we are on the lookout for a volunteer (or volunteers) to take over from Bre Gage, our current Market Coordinator.

Bre has has done a tremendous job coordinating the market for the last five years and is stepping down from the role this year. Over this time the market has raised more than $100,000 for the school which has helped to fund both our Inclusion Program and Wellbeing Support for our children. Bre has put in place an efficient booking system that has drastically reduced the amount of work that is required on the morning of the market. The role is also supported by School Council and Parent Volunteers who attend each market to assist with the stallholders.

We are very keen to hear from anyone who is interested in taking over. If this is you, or someone you know of, please email the school – drysdale.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au to register your interest.

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Concert tickets

Concert tickets are on sale! Adult tickets are $10 each and student tickets are $5 each. Tickets can be purchased through Trybooking by clicking on the following links;

Wednesday 18th September 6.00pm – Prep, Yr 2, Yr 4 and Yr 6 – https://www.trybooking.com/BENAY

Thursday 19th September 6.00pm – Yr 1, Yr3, Yr 5 and Yr 6 – https://www.trybooking.com/BENBD

Students will also be performing a matinee dress rehearsal on the day of their performance. These sessions are open to parents on a first come, first served basis. Prep, Yr 2, Yr 4 will be performing from 9.30 am on Wednesday 18th September, followed by the Year 6 performance at 11.30 am. The Yr 1, Yr 3 and Yr 5 groups will be performing their matinee from 9.30 am on Thursday 19th September.

Please note there is no matinee performance for Year 6 on Thursday 19 September.

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Concert DVD Ordering

Aperture Films will be producing a DVD of our concert again this year. Both DVD and Blu-Ray are available for $32 each.

These become treasured items as our children get older and they are regularly brought out watched to remember all the old songs, dances and Year 6 performances.

DVD’s can be ordered directly through Apeture Films at aperturefilms.com.au/order using performance ID: dps2019

Online ordering is now active and available now.

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Asbestos Audit

Drysdale Primary School will be audited for asbestos-containing material on 13 September, as a part of the Victorian Government’s goal of making all government schools safe environments for students, staff and the wider community.

The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 include specific duties relating to identifying asbestos in workplaces and indicating its location with clear signage. Once identified, asbestos-containing material must be labelled and recorded in the school’s asbestos register.

Labels are placed in the school reception and at the entrances to buildings with identified asbestos-containing material and the front gate of the school, reminding people to contact reception before undertaking any building works.

Asbestos is considered safe unless damaged or disturbed. These warning labels will help our school manage potential risks and ensure we are compliant with the Victorian Occupational Health and Safety framework.



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Book Fair Update

A massive thanks to all that came to our Scholastic Book Fair during Book Week. We raised a total of $1,071 for the school which is absolutely amazing!

Watch this space for more exciting Book Fair news in the coming weeks.

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Indonesian Day

It was wonderful seeing the student’s enthusiasm towards participating in the Indonesian Day activities.  Last week in Indonesian, we discussed the music, games, dance, STEM and art lessons they were involved in on the day. The students talked about the activities they enjoyed, the Indonesian words and phrases they had heard and shared suggestions for future Indonesian events (sorry, I don’t think I’ll be able to bring in a real orangutan). Within their group, the students had the opportunity to work with others from different year levels. They also worked with guru-guru lain (other teachers).

I would like to thank Ando Munthe for visiting the school and being involved in the day. Ando shared fascinating stories about the Indonesian culture and environment, showed an amazing artefact and demonstrated some culturally appropriate gestures.

Terima kasih banyak Ando.

Bu Hurt

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The following events are coming up in the near future;

Whole School – Tuesday, 27th August to Friday, 6th September –  Life Education Van

Whole School – Monday, 9th September – Being Brave Incursion

Year 2 sleepover – Thursday 31st October (Information coming at a later date)

The following notes have gone home; 

Life Education Van – Whole School – overdue

Being Brave Incursion – Whole School – overdue

Please note that Geelong Cats Healthy Heroes visit for Prep – 2 students has been postponed until term 4.

A full list of dates and events are available on the school calendar at http://www.drysdaleps.vic.edu.au/?post_type=tribe_events

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Camp Australia

Happy Superman day to all of the dads, step dads, granddads, uncles, and other significant men in the lives of the children at Drysdale Primary School.  We hope you had an amazing day on Sunday and got spoiled.

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Drysdale Primary School

School Council Members

President: Scott Pearson Vice President:
Treasurer: Julie Penfold Executive Officer: Phil Dunlop-Moore
Secretary: Chris Cawkwell    
Members: Gary Absolom, Stephanie Davey, Sandra Jelowyi, Kate Lockhart, Ingrid Orvis, Leanne Sharples
School Councillors can be contacted via the school office or school email