Drysdale Primary School

Happy Christmas

As this is the last Link for 2018 I would like to wish everyone in our school community a very happy holiday and thank you for your continuing support of the school during this busy year.  Schools depend on the partnership between home and school in so many ways.  Parents are kind enough to trust us with the education of their children – a responsibility we take very seriously.  This is most successful when children receive encouragement and support at home to always try their best.  We are also deeply grateful for the voluntary support of parents with a wide and extensive range of activities including fundraising, school banking, school council, running the Drysdale market, helping in classrooms, looking after the school grounds and environment, attending camps and excursions.  We are looking forward to another successful year in 2019.  Term starts for the children on Wednesday January 30th.

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School Captains

I would also like to thank our four school captains, Stella, Alex, Madison and Curtis, for the exemplary manner in which they have carried out their duties this year.  They have consistently represented the school with distinction whether it is greeting important visitors or participating in community event.  They have also helped lead assemblies each week.

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Drysdale Community Market 

Student Leaders for 2019

Our student Leaders for 2019 will be presented to the school community towards the end of our final assembly on Friday morning.  Unlike previous years, we expect to be able to present these leaders with their badges in this assembly.  All parents are most welcome to attend this assembly and celebrate the year finishing and look forward to the year starting in January.



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End of year reminders

End of Year Reminders

Wednesday 19th:  End of Year reports are released on line through the parent portal.

Wednesday 19th:  Year 6 Graduation at 6 p.m. in the hall for Year 6 students and their families

Thursday 20th:  Class celebrations.  You will have received details from your class teacher about the event planned for your child’s year group.

Friday 21st:  End of Year Assembly at 9.05 a.m. in the hall.  At this assembly we look back at the year and celebrate with a number of awards.  We farewell staff and Year 6 students who are leaving.  We also introduce our student leaders for 2019.  This assembly tends to run for at least an hour and sometime closer to 90 minutes.

Friday 21st:  School finishes for the summer holiday at 2.30 p.m. Our admin office will be closed for payments from midday on Friday.



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Principal Awards

Congratulations to this week’s Principal Award recipients

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Students who are leaving Drysdale PS, including Year 6 students will not be able to access the Sentral Portal and reports after the last day of school. This will be the case even if you have other students continuing at the school. We strongly recommend that you download, save or print child’s reports for future reference.

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Gaga 2

Gaga Pit

We were extremely fortunate to open our new Gaga pit this week. This was an initiative led by the 2018 Junior School Council who wanted to give something back to their school. To take this from an idea into a useable piece of equipment took a lot of coordination from a number of people. The Parent Fundraising Group and School Council were both very supportive of the concept from the outset and helped to allocate the necessary funds to make it happen. We are also very grateful for Renee and Shaun Colley who worked very hard coordinating, building and installing the Gaga Pit in time for the Year 6s to get a week or so of enjoyment out of their gift.

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Gratitude Wall

Gratitude Wall – Year 2

The Year 2’s have been working hard in their Bounce Back sessions identifying the meaning of ‘Gratitude’ and things we are grateful for. As a community we created a ‘Gratitude Wall’ where students and teachers can leave notes of gratitude for each other and also post their Christmas cards.

I like the gratitude wall because it makes me feel nice and happy. I get cards and notes from my friends in year 2. – Pearl 

People give me friendly notes saying thank-you. It makes me feel appreciated. – Archer 

I like that other people give me notes and cards and this makes me feel happy. – Clair

The Gratitude Wall makes me feel good when I get something and it makes think I must have helped someone. – Zac B

The wall makes me feel happy because people give me cards and notes to say thank you. – Aleyna 

I like the Gratitude Wall because you get cards and notes from your friends and they might wish you a Merry Christmas. – Noah 

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Parent and Friends Group

This year saw the development of a new structure and the addition of new members to the Fundraising Group.  Building on the efforts of previous years parents our aims were to raise money for our school to provide additional resources for the kids, to increase the feeling of community and foster positive relationships amongst the parents and provide memorable experiences for our school community. With the help of year level representatives and support from the entire school community we were able to run lots of fun and successful fundraising events this year.

The biggest highlights of the year were our first school Colour Run which saw the oval transformed into a world of colour and our annual Spring Fair; an event the children at Drysdale Primary School always look forward to.  Other PFG events this year included Family Dance Night, the Mother’s and Father’s Day stalls, Trivia Night, Parent’s Social Night, Drysdale Community Market, 2019’s Prep orientation BBQ and the second hand uniform shop. A special thanks to Clancey McKenzie who took on the second hand uniform shop this year; providing a very valuable service to our school community.

The PFG has greatly appreciated the support of our school community; especially our parent volunteers and feel that this has been a very successful fundraising year. We are very keen and excited to see the money raised implemented at our school. So far this includes a portable sound system, outdoor seating, line marking on sporting areas, lunch time activities for the shipping container, equipment for each year level for the inquiry learning program, head sets for performing arts, microphones for kids matter, materials for working bees, Year 6 graduation funding and subsidising the new Cyber Safety Program for years 4-6 for 2019.  Plans for spending in 2019 will include the continued support of the inquiry program for each year level and a large financial contribution to the Stage 1 construction of the outside play space and landscaping.

We wish the Drysdale School Community a safe and happy Christmas and we look forward to your continued support in 2019.

Kylie Atkinson, Anna Richardson, Renee Colley, Jen Marsham, Sarah Gallagher and Clancey McKenzie PFG

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Gardening 2

Vegie Garden – Watering Help Needed!

Our vegie garden is looking beautiful at the moment, sunflowers are on the way, the tomatoes are popping up and potatoes are in…it is all happening! But to keep the garden alive and well we need your help to water it over the summer holidays. If you can spare any time to help water the garden over the holidays we would be so grateful. Please email Kate Lockhart at kate.lockhartgrace@gmail.com if you can help out in any way.

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Camp Australia

We would like to open up our final newsletter article for the year by wishing the entire Drysdale Primary School the very best for the holiday period. We hope it is enjoyable, safe and relaxing. To the Grade 6’s, and those not returning to Drysdale PS next year, we wish the best of luck for everything the future brings them.
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community event


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Drysdale Primary School

School Council Members

President: Scott Pearson Vice President: Tammy Burke
Treasurer: Julie Penfold Executive Officer: Phil Dunlop-Moore
Members: Gary Absolom, Nicole Alonso, Chris Cawkwell, Renee Colley, Bre Gage, Rebecca Hoyne, Shane Kennedy, Kate Lockhart, Anna Richardson, Simone Spencer-Gardner
School Councillors can be contacted via the school office or school email