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Pupil Free Day – Friday December 7th

We are holding our fourth and final pupil free day for the 2018 school year this Friday.  The school will be closed to the children on this day.  The staff will be working on two important new initiatives that we look forward to introducing in 2019.

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School Wide Positive Behaviour Program

The staff will begin to be trained in the School Wide Positive Behaviour Program.  This program supports a school to establish consistent standards for behaviour in line with its values.  It also brings together a consistent system of rewarding appropriate behaviour and approaches to address inappropriate behaviour.  This will fit well with the values of Resilience, Acceptance, Integrity, Success and Enjoyment (RAISE) introduced at the beginning of this year and our Kids Matter program which has been a part of the school for the last three and a half years.


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Drysdale Community Market 
essential assessment

Essential Assessment

On Friday the staff will also be trained to use an on-line assessment system that will provide even more accurate information about how well each student is doing in each element of the English and Mathematics curriculum.  A clear strength of the school is knowing and using the detailed information we have about the children’s academic development.  In 2019 we are aiming to develop this further and find efficient ways of sharing this information with parents.

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Last week we made two more appointments to the teaching team at Drysdale Primary.  Victoria Miller was appointed to teach the fourth Year 5 class.  We also appointed Mitchell Bruns to the third class in Year 1.  Mitch has been teaching Year 1 at Woodend Primary School, and will be moving down to the Bellarine during the summer. Renee Hayes will be joining our Administration team in 2019, she comes with experience across a number of Geelong schools including both Primary and Secondary, and is a former Drysdale PS student herself. We will be interviewing for the remaining Year 3 position on Thursday.  I will let the community know the outcome of this appointment panel in next week’s Link.

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Bendigo Bank 

Principal Awards

Congratulations to this week’s Principal Award recipients

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chick (2)

Year 1 Living Eggs Program

On Monday, November 12 the Year 1’s had a very special delivery. 11 eggs in an incubator were dropped off from the ‘Living Eggs’ program to support us in exploring our Inquiry Big Idea ‘By looking after our environment, all living things have happy habitats’.

We kept them in the incubator at 37.7 degrees. We got to observe our eggs through the hatching process, and even got to hold the eggs in our hands as they pipped. We could hear chirping through the shell. 10 of our 11 eggs had hatched by Thursday, and for the next few days afterwards, we watched as the chicks grew longer feathers on their wings, and ate and grew. We learned it was a lot of work to take care of chicks. They make a lot of mess.

The Year 1’s loved helping to clean their enclosure and seeing them run in our larger space. Most lucky students even got to pat our chicks. While we kept our chicks environment as clean and comfortable as we could, we learned that the chicks were soon going to need more space. Living Eggs came to collect our little chicks and take them to their new habitat on a farm with a lot more space.

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Year 3 camp 3

Year 3 Camp

The camp was great! We went with our teachers and our friends from 3CV, 3T and 3B. It was at Narmbool near Ballarat. At Sovereign Hill, we had so much fun. It was one of the best places I’ve been to! At Narmbool, my favourite activity was the Critter Hunt and the best game was Sticky Hand. I really enjoyed these fun activities. Before I left for camp, I felt nervous and excited but when I got there, I forgot about being nervous because it was so much fun. After camp I felt tired but I’m glad I went. – By Maddie

We went to Narmbool in Elaine, Ballarat for Year 3 camp. One of my highlights was the Aboriginal Games because I liked to learn about their culture. I also liked the Aquatic Sampling and one of the things I learnt was that a dragonfly nymph breathes through its butt! I was very nervous about going to camp but I knew I was going to have a good time. I loved it and I would not have learnt about the history of Narmbool at school unless we were going there for camp. It was a great experience! – By Piper

Narmbool’s environment was and still is a wonderful place to stay from the swervy and curvy dams to shearing of sheep. The environment provides more food than you can imagine for all of the adult and baby animals that live there. There are huge trees that provide oxygen not just for us but for the animals. – By Ethan

Narmbool was first owned by Europeans around 1839 . Built in the 1840’s as a separate dwelling to the main homestead, this two room bluestone cottage now houses an interpretation centre. – By Jaya

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Years 3 – 5 Swimming Carnival

Expressions of interest for students in Years 3 – 5 to compete in the swimming carnival on December 17 need to be returned to the office by this Wednesday. Formal permission forms will be sent home with those students who have expressed interest in the program later in the week.

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Fresh Fruit Friday

Each week we request parent volunteers from a year level to help cut up fresh fruit and distribute it to classes. If you have time to spare on a Friday morning we would love your help, regardless of what year level your child is in. Younger siblings are more than welcome to join you and play with the toys as long as they remain supervised. Please sign in at the office and make your way to the staff room from 9am.

This Friday, 30th November, we are asking for parent volunteers of Year Prep students to help cut up fruit.

Thank you to the Drysdale and Portarlington Community Bank Branches of the Bendigo Bank for sponsoring our school’s Fresh Fruit program for 2018.

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Camp Australia

It’s been another great week at OSHC, although it was odd without our grade 3’s in the later half of the week. Popular activities have included Basketball, Netball, Cricket, making mini Christmas trees, discussing our favourite books, playing uno, building with the foam blocks, making paper chains, and playing with balloons.
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community event

Community Notices

Read more to see this weeks Community Notices

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Drysdale Primary School

School Council Members

President: Scott Pearson Vice President: Tammy Burke
Treasurer: Julie Penfold Executive Officer: Phil Dunlop-Moore
Secretary: Danielle Macdonald    
Members: Gary Absolom, Sally Edgerton, Bre Gage, Bridget Henry, Rebecca Hoyne, Shane Kennedy, Kate Lockhart, Anna Richardson
School Councillors can be contacted via the school office or school email