Drysdale Primary School

Classes 2019

I would like to let you know of the arrangements for the teaching of each year group next year.

Prep:  Rachel Bright, Steff McGeorge and Ingrid Blasco.  Sue Cairns will continue to provide additional support for three and half days each week.

Year 1:  Meaghan Ward, Danielle Thompson and a new appointment

Year 2:  Nicole Alonso, Bec Hoyne, Tara Van Winkel and Mona McGeorge (job share) with Amy Callaway providing additional support for two days each week.

Year 3:  Lucy Croxford, Terry Bradford and Rachel Everett

Year 4:  Mike Nelson, Amy Wright and Brooke Burgess

Year 5:  Laura Howard, Josh Burnie, Kellie Thomas and a new appointment

Year 6:  Shane Kennedy, Tash Daffy and James Field

Phys Ed:  Mitch Sinnott

Performing Arts:  Trent Stephens

Art:  Melinda Henderson and Bronwyn Osborne (job share)

Indonesian:  a new appointment

We are pleased to welcome Rachel Everett and Mike Nelson.  Mike is coming to us from Portarlington Primary and will join the senior leadership team as our Maths Learning Specialist.  Rachel Everett is replacing April Irwin who is moving to Darwin to be closer to her family.  Steff McGeorge is returning to us form a year’s secondment to Furlong Park School for the Deaf.  Mona McGeorge is return part time following the birth of her son.  We have already begun the process of appointing the remaining two class teachers and a temporary replacement for Bridget Henry who is going travelling.


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Children and Social Media

Most social media sites have restrictions limiting the age of people who can hold accounts. There are good reasons for these restrictions, even though it is relatively easy to bypass them to set up accounts.  While the children are in school we have strict filtering systems that prohibit access to any content and social media aimed at older users. Even so we regularly have to respond to issues arising from children’s inappropriate use of social media sites outside school hours.  We are required to report all alleged misuse of such sites to the police even when it happens outside school time. This can be very confronting for parents and distressing for school staff.  Please can I ask that parents actively monitor their child’s use of a computer or iPAD or phone. We regularly provide cyber-safety information and can direct parents to on-line information as necessary.



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Drysdale Community Market 

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to the students who were presented with Principal’s Awards at Assembly this week. Click read more to view a full list and photos of this week’s award winners.

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Final Road Sign 2017

Spring Fair News

Spring fair is fast approaching and we hope everyone is looking forward to a great afternoon of fun and raising money for our school.

Spring Fair Tickets – Spring Fair tickets are used for most attractions at the fair. These are now on sale from the office and will also be available on the night from the DPS tent.

Flower Shower Flowers – If you haven’t purchased your flower for the flower shower these are also available from the office.

Cake Stall – notes and plates for the much anticipated Cake Stall will be sent home later this week.

Casual Dress – Spring Fair day,  Friday 16th November is a casual dress day for all students. We ask for a gold coin donation.

Raffle tickets – these were due back on Monday the 5th November. Please return all tickets sold or unsold as soon as possible, the raffle will be drawn at assembly this Monday.
Food – A big change to this year’s fair will be the addition of the Parent Fundraising Group food stall. Operating from the canteen the PFG volunteers will be serving lots of yummy food and cold drinks; with all proceeds going directly to our school. Our menu includes nachos, baked potatoes, pulled pork rolls, roast beef and gravy rolls, chicken nuggets, dim sims, hot dogs, hamburgers with the lot and chicken breast burgers. We will also have a range of cold drinks and ice-cream cones. We are hoping this will be well supported by our school community and be a valuable fundraiser for the Spring Fair.

Don’t forget we really need your help!! Please donate some time to help make this year’s Spring Fair a success, visit http://signup.com/go/OrgyfaF to sign up.

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Year 2 Sleepover

On Thursday November 1st the Year 2 students and teachers made their way to the gym for the annual sleepover! After setting up our beds we went outside to eat some delicious pizza, play games and go on a dusk walk around the oval. The disco showed the amazing dance skills of the teachers and students with ‘DJ Stephens’ in the house! After we brushed our teeth, we snuggled in for the night and watched a movie. The sun came up and so did we and after brekky all of us were ready for a day of being ‘awake’, writing comic strips about our night and enjoying hot chips for lunch! All students were so well behaved and the teachers could not have been prouder! Thanks to all of the families for their support and to the extra teachers who supported us, we couldn’t have done it without you!

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camp yr4 12

Year 4 Camp

Last week the year 4’s went to camp Kangaroobie. It was a 3 hour drive on the bus and we stopped at Colac for lunch. I enjoyed the Minties challenge on the bus. In the afternoon we went to Flagstaff Hill, we did a scavenger hunt and a tour. I learnt what schools looked like back then and I saw all of the old buildings. My favourite activities at camp were canoeing and farm activities because I liked the bumpy ride in the cage and seeing all the animals. I liked canoeing because I got to do it with different people and I kept running into the grass! On behalf of all of the grade 4’s I would like to thank Miss Wright, Mr Field, Mrs Miller, Mr Sinnott, Miss Stark, Mrs Denbesten, Mr Martino, Miss Clayton, Jenna King, the bus drivers and Matt and the staff from Camp Kangaroobie. We all had a great time and we enjoyed camp Kangaroobie!

By Karissa Year 4

Read more to see some photos

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High Voltage Rock School Concert

The High Voltage Rock School students will be putting on a concert on Monday the 3rd of December at lunchtime (1pm) in the hall.  We welcome families to come and join us to watch this great performance!

The band “Six & OUT!” will play the headline set (4 songs) and individual students will sing or play a song they’ve been working on to open the show.

We thank Tim Hulsman who has been working hard with our students as they develop their skills.  This will be a great opportunity to share their work with parents, teachers and their peers so come along and enjoy some tunes!

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working bee

Working Bee

This term we will be having a Working Bee on Friday the 9th of November from 3.00pm – 6.00pm. As our building works are coming to an end there is plenty of tidying up to do and lots of fun jobs for all family members!

If you are able to assist please RSVP via the school email address drysdalep.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au and also list any tools/equipment you can bring along.

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professional practice

Professional Development

Over the last 4 months we have had a team of staff complete 8 modules of Professional Development focused on building Professional Learning Communities. Rachel Bright, Tash Daffy, Laura Howard, Kethly Hemsworth and Blanche Denmead completed their work on Friday with a presentation about their learning. Throughout the modules the team developed protocols for meetings, methods for analysing data and trialled the use of an inquiry cycle focused on academic and professional improvement.

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Fresh Fruit Friday

Each week we request parent volunteers from a year level to help cut up fresh fruit and distribute it to classes. If you have time to spare on a Friday morning we would love your help, regardless of what year level your child is in. Younger siblings are more than welcome to join you and play with the toys as long as they remain supervised. Please sign in at the office and make your way to the staff room from 9am.

This Friday, 9th November, we are asking for parent volunteers of Year 4 students to help cut up fruit.

Thank you to the Drysdale and Portarlington Community Bank Branches of the Bendigo Bank for sponsoring our school’s Fresh Fruit program for 2018.

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The following notes have recently gone home;

Final Camp Payments are over due for all Year 3 and 6 students attending camp

Spring Fair Raffle Tickets – due Monday 5th November

Tennis – due today

Egg Hatching Program (Year 1) – due back this Friday

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Camp Australia

It is hard to believe that we are already into week 5 of the last term of the school year. Where has the time gone? Last week at OSHC the most popular activities included Spooky Halloween craft, making tracks with the dominos, visiting the art show, soccer, cricket, Perler bead craft, and constructing things using the gears. This week we have planned activities including an environmental and nature scavenger hunt, uno tournaments, basketball challenges, and we are collaborating with the children on the creation of a new CD with their favourite songs on it (as our current CDs have been very well loved and are showing it).

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community event


See below for this weeks community notices.

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Drysdale Primary School

School Council Members

President: Scott Pearson Vice President: Tammy Burke
Treasurer: Julie Penfold Executive Officer: Phil Dunlop-Moore
Members: Gary Absolom, Nicole Alonso, Chris Cawkwell, Renee Colley, Bre Gage, Rebecca Hoyne, Shane Kennedy, Kate Lockhart, Anna Richardson, Simone Spencer-Gardner
School Councillors can be contacted via the school office or school email