Drysdale Primary School

Book Week Parade

Thank you to everyone who helped our children excel in their costumes for our Book Parade.  The Book Parade is always one of the great highlights of the year at Drysdale Primary School and sets a very positive tone right from the start of our Book Week celebrations.  There was a wide range of characters represented and a huge amount of family support for our special assembly.  I know that it takes a lot of thought and effort to provide the children with a costume.  I did also appreciate the commitment of so many people who attended and watch the parade. Read more to view the gallery of some of the amazing costumes from the day.

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Please can I remind parents to be respectful of our neighbours when parking for school drop off and pick up.  There are increasing reports of cars being parked across driveways making it impossible for the home owner to leave their property.  We have also been alerted to a increasing number of parents driving across the Wauthurong Reserve (the grass area next to the tennis courts on Stonehouse Place).  This is illegal and presents a risk to children playing in this space who are not expecting to have to watch out for cars.  I appreciate that there is a lack of parking near the school, as there is near all schools, especially while our building work is happening.  However as a community we do need to ensure that all our children are safe.

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Drysdale Community Market 

Building Work

We are in the final stages of our building renovations.  The concrete in the breezeway has been replaced and the gas repairs for the BER and Prep buildings have been completed.  I would like to thank everyone for their patience while this work has been done.  The last major piece of work is the resurfacing of the staff car park.  This started today. Once this is done, the staff will be able to return to parking in this car park which will free up more parking spaces on the street especially in Stonehouse Place.  As we near practical completion there are a few smaller tasks.  3CV and 3T will be re-carpeted.  The roller door in the hall will be replaced by permanent large double doors and panic bars fitted to the doors behind the stage.  Both these changes will allow the occupancy limit for the hall to be increased meaning that we will be able to offer more seating for popular events such as our annual concert.  There will be some cosmetic improvement to the toilets in the breezeway including the fitting of extractor fans and repainting.  The breezeway will be rendered and painted to improve the look of that space.  Further lighting will be fitted near the Year 5 classrooms where the corridor ceiling is still the original lower height.  Finally the staff room will be repainted and re-carpeted.  The result of all this work is that every building in the school will have had some refurbishment except the BER which is less than ten years old.

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Premier’s Reading Challenge

The 2018 Premier’s reading Challenge is nearing completion for this year.   Please can children participating in the challenge make sure that their list of books read is updated in the reading Challenge website by the end of August.  This will allow the central organisers to validate the lists and send us the certificates.  If you have any questions about this please ask at the office or see Ms Daffy.

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Parent Opinion Survey

Each year the Education Department sends a survey to a selection of each school’s parents.  This year we have sent the survey to approximately one third of all families with children at Drysdale Primary.  The purpose of the survey is to find out what our parent community thinks about some of the important elements of our work with your children e.g. the focus on academic standards, the focus on student well-being and the focus on support for children with additional needs.  If you received a survey I would strongly encourage you to complete the survey.  Thank you.   

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ICAS Spelling Certificates

We have received the certificates from the ICAS Spelling tests completed earlier this year.  We will present these certificates to the children who took part in the test at assembly this coming Monday, August 27th.

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Girls Tee Ball Update

Our Girls Tee Ball team have been busy preparing for their upcoming State Finals. We are very fortunate to have the assistance of two local experts, David and Carmel from the Geelong Softball Association, who have volunteered their time and expertise to help train the team in the finer points of fielding and batting. Our team is getting better and better every session and we are very impressed with their commitment to give up their lunchtimes to undertake these sessions. A huge thank you must also go to Mrs Croxford, who is also giving up so much of her time to help our girls.  Read more…

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Principal Awards

Congratulations to the following students who were presented with Principal’s Awards at Assembly this week. Click read more to view photos of the award winners.

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Science Week

View photos from our cross-age science activities held to celebrate Science Week.

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Debating Report

Round 3 of Debating saw us host Point Lonsdale Primary School in a secret topic debate. In this scenario, both teams are given the topic 30 minutes before they commence.

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trivia night

Trivia Night – This Friday

For those who’ve booked their tickets for this year’s Trivia Night, start collecting your coins! Bring all that spare change to enter into competitions on the night, or buy answers to get your team ahead!

This year, we’re auctioning off a painting generously donated by The Painted Soul, however bidders will have the option to choose one of two paintings on offer if they win.

Large items that are purchased on the night can be paid for using eftpos or credit cards.

There is just one table left to book, so to get on board for this exciting evening, book those last remaining tickets at https://www.trybooking.com/404323

Read more to see the beautiful paintings donated by the The Painted Soul

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Lawn Bowls

For the last five weeks, a lucky group of 20 Year 6 students have been heading down to the Drysdale Lawn Bowls Club during their Golden Time. We have been learning many new skills and were expertly taught by the Miller and Shawcross parents as well as some other members of the club, all of whom had generously volunteered their time to help us. The Drysdale Primary School Year 6 teachers and students would like to thank the bowling community for letting us come down, use their facilities and learn how to bowl during these weeks. Read more to view some photos from last week.

By Leisel (Yr 6)

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Father’s Day Stall – Thursday 30th August

On Thursday 30th August we will be holding our Father’s Day stall. Each class will visit the stall in scheduled class times. All gifts are priced at $5 this year. Each student can purchase one gift. If additional gifts are required then arrangements for this can be made prior to ensure we have enough stock. Please send money in a clearly marked envelope with your child’s name on it to their classroom teacher prior to this day. Students who are absent on this day will have another opportunity to select a gift on Friday 31st of August at lunchtime.
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Fresh Fruit Friday

Each week we request parent volunteers from a year level to help cut up fresh fruit and distribute it to classes. If you have time to spare on a Friday morning we would love your help, regardless of what year level your child is in. Younger siblings are more than welcome to join you and play with the toys as long as they remain supervised. Please sign in at the office and make your way to the staff room from 9am.

This Friday, 24th August, we are asking for parent volunteers of Year 1 students to help cut up fruit.

Thank you to the Drysdale and Portarlington Community Bank Branches of the Bendigo Bank for sponsoring our school’s Fresh Fruit program for 2018.

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The following notes have recently gone home;

Community Walk (Year 1) – due 23rd Aug

2019 Year 6 Polo Shirts – due 29th Aug

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Spring Fair

We would really love to obtain some “big ticket items” for our raffles and auctions at spring fair. If anyone has contacts with major sporting clubs that we could purchase merchandise and get it signed to raffle (or even better, get the lot donated) or travel vouchers or anything else of high value we would love to hear from you!

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Camp Australia

It has been a sad week at OSHC, with Clare leaving the service after over two years. We are very sad to see her go, and we wish her luck with everything.
This week we are celebrating Book week with some activities based on books and book characters being on offer. Last week we marked science week with discussions about science, and a group science experiment which the children really enjoyed. Other popular activities have included soccer, badminton, dancing ribbons, imaginative play and box construction.

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community event


See below for this weeks Community Notices

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Drysdale Primary School

School Council Members

President: Scott Pearson Vice President: Tammy Burke
Treasurer: Julie Penfold Executive Officer: Phil Dunlop-Moore
Members: Gary Absolom, Nicole Alonso, Chris Cawkwell, Renee Colley, Bre Gage, Rebecca Hoyne, Shane Kennedy, Kate Lockhart, Anna Richardson, Simone Spencer-Gardner
School Councillors can be contacted via the school office or school email