Drysdale Primary School (DPS) places a high priority on providing Internet facilities and ICT equipment which will benefit student learning outcomes and the effective operation of the school. Acceptable Use Policy 2015

ICT Acceptable Use Policy

The School has recently updated their policies on both the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) and Parent Payments as a result of the School Reform Agreement made between the Victorian Government and Commonwealth Government. Click on the link to read the new EMA Policy. Click on the link to read the new Parent […]

New EMA and Parent Payment Policies

Even though the good behaviour of the children is an outstanding feature of this school and the Attitudes to School Survey reports that the children believe it has improved even further, we did recognise the need for a formal policy to set out how we manage and acknowledge the children’s behaviour. A […]

Behaviour Management Policy

The Drysdale Primary School Strategic Plan maps out the strategic direction of the school for the next four years. The plan was finalised after a review process that involved input from staff, parents and the wider school community over 2013. A copy of the plan can be viewed here. Note […]

School Strategic Plan

The Annual Implementation Plan for 2016 has been taken from the School Strategic Plan for 2014 – 2017. This plan sets out the goals and targets that the school will be working towards over the year in the areas of Achievement, Engagement, Wellbeing and Productivity. A copy of the plan […]

Annual Implementation Plan